About Us

Welcome to Star Base Columbus!

Since 1992 Star Base Columbus, Inc. has been bringing the best Star Trek and Science Fiction merchandise to fans in Central Ohio.  The store is one of the last brick-and-mortar establishments of its kind.   As Online stores are becoming more prevalent, the small specialty shops continue to disappear.  The advantage to having a physical location is that patrons can come in and browse, try out the merchandise and see what they're buying - and NO shipping Cost!   Science fiction fans from all over the United States and numerous countries pass through our doors every year, making their annual pilgrimage to find the latest cool gadget or collectible and get that coveted photo op in our Captain's Chair!  Please come and see us on your next vacation! it's definitely worth the trip!

Since we became a 501 (c) 3 Charity organization earlier in 2016 our store is staffed by dedicated volunteers who are all Star Trek and/or Sci-fi enthusiasts of one kind or another.  We enjoy meeting our customers face to face, and offer friendly service to Feddies, Klingons, Stormtroopers, Time Lords and all others who pass through our doors. Having the opportunity to chat about Star Trek or the latest Sci-Fi flick or trend is something you WON'T find when shopping online.  We also offer FREE layaway and a 10% discount to Sci-Fi Club members and members of the Military (with proper ID). 

The store carries a full line of licensed Star Trek uniforms, insignia and authentic looking props, ie.  communicators, tricorders and phasers.   Sci-fi enthusiasts will also find a nice selection of tee shirts, mugs, games, action figures, key chains, books, jewelry, patches and other types sci-fi and fantasy themed memorabilia! You'll always find the perfect gift for the Sci-Fi enthusiast on your list! 

For the Non Trekkers there's a wide variety of items such as Sonic Screwdrivers from Doctor Who and a varied array of items from Stargate, Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Twilight, Lord of the Rings and more!
 Over the years Star Base Columbus has been a presence at many Star Trek and Sci-Fi conventions in the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Florida.  We enjoy meeting the fans on the road - it's like having a family wherever we go.  

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